Swamp Cooler Denver: Repair, Maintenance, & Installation Services

Applewood offers swamp cooler repair, maintenance, and installation services to all homeowners in the greater Denver-Boulder metro area. Whether you have a malfunctioning swamp cooler in need of repair, you’re interested in installing new swamp coolers, or you just want to find out more about them, Applewood is the service to call.

What are Swamp Coolers?

Swamp coolers are also known as “evaporative,” “desert” or “wet” air coolers, and they’re a popular alternative to traditional home air conditioners. They way they work is simple: think about getting out of a pool on a hot day. You feel a chill immediately as you get out of the water. That chill happens when dry air absorbs cold moisture coming off of the water on your skin. Swamp coolers rely on that same “chilling” phenomenon to cool entire homes.

Swamp coolers use fans to suck the warm, dry air in your home out through your vents. Upon entering the main cooling unit, dry air passes over several moistened pads. As they collide, the dry air attempts to equalize with the pressure and temperature of the moist air. In the process, it absorbs moisture and “chills” instantly. After cooling the air in the central unit, the cooler uses another set of fans to circulate it back through the home.

Why are Swamp Coolers Right for Denver & Boulder?

Swamp coolers are a great choice for any region where the relative humidity frequently falls below 60%. We probably don’t have to tell you how often that happens around Denver and Boulder. They’re also a great option if you want a cooling system that’s ecologically friendly and less costly.

Swamp coolers are a great option for people looking for ecologically friendly, low-cost home cooling. They’re also great for places that have a lot of fresh, natural air that can be pulled from open windows. Since Colorado has classically dry air, the evaporative cooling process cools and humidifies the air in your home. Swamp coolers work as both A/C units and natural humidifiers, making the air in your home cool and comfortable all at once.

How Can I Tell If My Swamp Cooler Needs To Be Fixed?

Just like conventional air conditioning systems, swamp coolers can occasionally require maintenance or repair, even if they’re still technically functioning. If you’re worried that something’s wrong with your swamp cooler, Applewood is available for maintenance or repair calls anytime from 6am to 10pm, 7 days a week. If your swamp cooler seems to be exhibiting any of the following symptoms, give us a call right away:

  • It’s not cooling enough: Obviously, if your swamp cooler isn’t keeping you cool, then something’s wrong. The pads inside the unit may not be moist enough, the distributor could be clogged, or something could be preventing proper airflow. ‌
  • It starts and stops constantly: This could happen for a variety of reasons including sizing issues, improperly installed parts, loose electrical connections, or motor malfunctions. ‌
  • It’s dripping or leaking: If you notice any dripping, runoff, or even excessive humidity, then the reservoir levels in the cooler may be too high or there could be a leak somewhere in the unit’s fittings and tubing. ‌
  • It smells: Stagnant water or mildew growing on the cooler’s pads could begin to produce a musty, rotten smell. Cleaning the unit and/or replacing its pads should help. ‍
  • It’s noisy: Noise issues are one of the most common swamp cooler issues, and they happen whenever a component of the system loosens, bends, breaks or otherwise wears down.

Why Should I Choose Applewood for Swamp Cooler Services?

Applewood has been servicing swamp coolers in the greater Denver-Boulder metro area for over 48 years. In that time, we’ve responded to over 300,000 home service calls. Across all of those service calls, we’ve arrived on time to our appointments 96% of the time. We do such a good job that 60% of our first-time customers keep calling us back whenever they need plumbing, heating, cooling or electrical help.

Applewood believes in providing the best customer service possible on each and every service call, which is why we always follow our Code of Ethics during your service. If you contact us for swamp cooler repair, maintenance, or installation, you can rest assured we’ll A: show up on time, B: treat you with proper respect and courtesy and C: get the job done right, every time.

If you need swamp cooler services in Denver, CO, Applewood is the place to call. Fill out the Request Service form on the left or give us a call at 720-713-3060 to get help now. We look forward to earning your repeat business!

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