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Denver Pipe Repair & Replacement

Burst, cracked, leaking, or even just noisy pipes can all damage your home, prevent your plumbing fixture from working correctly, and, worst of all, waste your time and money. The longer a pipe remains damaged, the more water, money, and time it wastes. If you suspect your pipes are damaged or broken, the best way to keep them from wasting any more money is to fix them right away.

Luckily, a solution to your pipe problems is just a call away. Get in touch with Applewood with questions about any pipe problem. Our experts offer a comprehensive suite of pipe replacement and repair solutions in Denver, Boulder, and the surrounding metro area. Even if you’re not sure whether or not your pipes are damaged, we’ll perform a quick maintenance check to help you figure out if you have a problem and how we could fix it. Whatever your pipe inspection, repair, and replacement needs, Applewood is the service to call.

How Do Water Pipes Get Damaged?

Pipe damage comes from all kinds of different problems. Each of these problems causes their own unique kind of damage and must be addressed in their own ways. Some of the most common reasons why pipes break or become damaged include:

  • Freezing or rapid temperature fluctuation: Freezing temperatures or temperature fluctuations can force pipes to warp or buckle.
  • General corrosion: Pipes can corrode for several reasons. It’s particularly likely if your water is unusually acidic or hard, your pipes are old, or they were installed incorrectly. Rusty, corroded pipes wear away until they begin to leak.
  • Aging: Pipes wear out and break down naturally over time, especially if they’re made of outdated materials.
  • Physical damage: The water rushing through pipes can wear on existing physical damage until tiny breaks widen and cause leaks or ruptures.
  • High water pressure: If your home’s water pressure is too high, all that pressure could strain your pipes as water flows through them, leading to damage.
  • Improper installation: If pipes are installed incorrectly, they wear out or come undone from their fasteners and begin to leak or become damaged.
  • Low-quality material: Older homes may still use plumbing pipes made of substandard material like iron or even lead. These materials are more fragile and wear out faster than their contemporary counterparts.
  • Long term cracks: Hairline fractures that accumulate inside pipes as the result of stress can widen over time until they compromise the structural integrity of the pipe itself.

How Can Applewood Help Me with Pipe Repair And Replacement?

Whether you need pipe repair now or you just have questions about a possible problem, Applewood is the service to call. We’ll arrive on time, conduct a thorough inspection of your plumbing pipes, identify any problems you may have, and figure out the best way to fix those problems. We don’t start work until you understand what we’ll do and agree that it’s the best option for you.

If you have a broken pipe, enlisting the services of a professional, licensed plumber to repair the damage is the best way to ensure future safety. Unlike DIY solutions, professionals fix your pipe problem for good. Even if we find out the problem is too severe to save the pipe, we can install brand new ones on-site, too. Whatever you need to keep your plumbing flowing right, we have it.

Need help right now? Read this blog to learn how to find and use your water shutoff valve in case of an emergency. Then call us right away!

Why Should I Choose Applewood for Pipe Repair And Replacement?

When you need plumbing pipe repair and replacement you can absolutely count on Applewood, we are the service to call. We’ve been in business in the greater Denver-Boulder area for over 48 years. In that time, we’ve maintained a 96% on-time service record and have earned over 300,000 repeat customers. The Denver-Boulder residents who choose Applewood for plumbing services keep choosing us, because we keep delivering the best service possible, every time.

Applewood offers extended 6am to 10pm services, 7 days a week. When you schedule a service call, you know exactly what you’ll get: we arrive on time (every time), identify your problem, and walk you through exactly how we’ll solve it. We fix your problem fast and permanently, so well that you’ll want to keep using us for all your future plumbing needs. If you need pipe repair or replacement services, give Applewood a call right away. We look forward to earning your repeat business!

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