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Electrical Upgrades

Outdated, inefficient, or faulty electrical wiring is unfortunately quite common in homes around the Denver-Boulder area. If your electrical system doesn’t work as well as it could, it could break down more often, waste more money, or even put your home at greater risk than you realize. If you’re worried about the effectiveness of your electrical system, look into electrical upgrades today.

Whether you have serious concerns or just early questions about your home’s electrical system, Applewood wants to help. Our electrical experts are ready to provide electrical capacity upgrades, replace a fuse box, install new outlets, check your circuit breaker panel or rewire whole homes at a moment’s notice. All you have to do is call us any time between 6am and 10pm, 7 days a week. Unsure whether you need to consider scheduling an electrical inspection? Here are a couple of signs to look for:

Signs You Should Upgrade Your Home’s Electrical System

First of all: if you can’t remember the last time your home’s wiring was inspected, then it’s always a good idea to have a licensed electrician take a look. Our experts will be able to tell you how old your wiring, fuse box or circuit breaker and fixtures are, how effectively they’re working and whether there are any problems you should know about. You should also schedule an inspection if you notice any of the following problems:

  • Tingling sensations when you touch any outlet
  • Your lights frequently flicker or dim
  • Your circuit breaker panel trips or your fuse box blows frequently
  • Outlets, rooms or appliances produce a burning smell
  • Outlets spark, melt, overheat, warp or look discolored
  • Your kitchen or bathroom contains non-GFCI outlets
  • You don’t have enough outlets for your needs

Why Should I Invest in Electrical System Upgrades?

There are actually quite a few good reasons to upgrade your home’s electrical system beyond safety considerations. Upgrading your home’s wiring and other electrical could help with;

  • Energy efficiency: Upgraded, contemporary electrical systems are far more energy-efficient than their outdated analogs. You’ll get more reliable, safe electricity and pay a lot less for it.
  • Capacity: Decades ago, the average home needed about 60 amps of electricity to cover all of its needs. Today, however, the average home requires around 150 to 200 amps. If you’re still relying on a 60 amp system, you’ll notice all kinds of potentially-dangerous (and expensive!) problems.
  • Convenience: If your electrical system is outdated, then you probably need more outlets than you have. The outlets you do have many not have the right number of prongs, or they may not be GFCI. Upgrades can fix each of those problems.
  • Applications: While upgrading your home’s electrical wiring, you could easily install new systems onto it, expanding wiring coverage to your unfinished basement, garage, outdoor electrical systems and more.
  • Resale value: Replacing outdated, potentially faulty electrical wiring with a reliable modern alternative is a great way to raise the resale value of your home.

Why Should I Choose Applewood for Electrical Upgrades?

Applewood has been upgrading Denver and Boulder resident’s electrical systems for over 48 years. In that time we’ve answered over 300,000 service calls and have arrived at our appointments right on time over 96% of the time. Our services are so high-quality and reliable that over 60% of our customers call us back for all of their plumbing, heating and electrical services.

You should contact Applewood for electrical inspections or upgrades because when you do, you’ll know exactly what will happen. We’ll arrive right on time with a fully-stocked orange truck containing all the tools and parts we need to solve your problem or make your upgrades. We’ll do the job quickly, efficiently, and effectively. And most importantly, we’ll follow our Code of Ethics every step of the way in order to make sure you’re happy and cared for. Every time.

If you’re interested in scheduling an electrical inspection or upgrades, fill out the form to the left or give Applewood a call at 303-328-3060. We look forward to earning your repeat business!

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