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EV Charging Stations for Denver Homes

Looking to reduce your footprint and contribute to cleaner Colorado air? Electric vehicles (EV) are becoming more popular in Colorado homes and Applewood is here to help you keep your vehicle charged.

Our team of licensed electricians are ready to perform your car charger installation quickly and professionally at your convenience. We’ve been proudly servicing families in the Denver, Boulder and Longmont area since 1973. See why our orange trucks are always on time to do the job right!

EV Charger Installers Near Me

Installing a car charger at home makes it easy to own and fully charge your electric vehicle whenever you need. With Denver’s goal of 30% electric vehicles on the road by 2030, we’re seeing increased interest in home electric vehicle charging stations in Colorado homes. Contact Applewood to schedule a technician near you, today!

We offer two levels of charging stations to make sure your home has the right electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) to adequately power your vehicle. While installing your charger, we’ll evaluate your home electrical to ensure that your home maintains the power it needs to meet your family’s needs.

electric vehicle being recharged

How Applewood Installs an EV Car Charger at Home 

When choosing EV home charger installation, there are several factors to consider so that both your home and your vehicle are properly supplied with power.

  • Cost. What is your budget?
  • Ability. Do you need to hire a professional?
  • Charging time. How quickly do you want to charge your vehicle?
  • Home electric panel. Does it support your power needs?
  • Home power use. How much electricity do you use monthly?
  • Driving distance. How far do you need to go?
  • Driving frequency. How often do you use your vehicle?
  • Car battery size. Smaller batteries should be filled daily.
  • Number of electric vehicles in your household. Multiple may require faster charging

EVSE Level 1 Charger Installation

A level one EVSE charging station uses a standard 120-volt AC plug to charge your vehicle. This is the same level of current used in your home to power electronics and most appliances.

  • Pros: A simple and inexpensive solution. Level one chargers use the existing amperage in your home. An electrician would simply route a dedicated circuit for your EV home station. 120 volts will charge most electric vehicles.
  • Cons: Slower charging times. It may take upwards of 30 hours to fully charge your vehicle. If you don’t drive every day or have a short commute, this may be sufficient. With an 8-hour charge you should be able to get about 40 miles of driving distance.

EVSE Level 2 Charger Installation

Level two EVSE chargers use a 240-volt plug to charge your vehicle. This is similar to the dedicated circuit your home uses for a dryer or electric range. Some homes have 240-volt circuits already, older homes may need to have an electric panel upgrade. Either way, you’ll need a certified electrician to install a level 2 charger.

  • Pros: Faster charger times and greater convenience. Fully charge your vehicle in a matter of hours. A level two charger adds about 10-60 miles of driving time per hour of charging.
  • Cons: Requires special setup at additional cost. May require you to upgrade your home electric system.

Why Choose Applewood for Your Denver Electric Car Charging Station

Applewood maintains a 96% on time service call record. Our courteous technicians always follow our code of ethics to ensure you receive the most professional home service possible. We operate from 6AM to 10PM every day of the week so that you get your electrical work done on your time.

Call or contact Applewood to discuss the best option for charging your electric vehicle at home. One of our technicians can assess your home’s power supply and suggest a long-term solution to keep your electric vehicle on the road.

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