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Video Pipe Inspection in Denver & Beyond

During a video pipe inspection, an Applewood technician inserts a specially designed high-resolution video camera attached to a flexible fiber optic cable directly into your home’s pipe system. As the technician pushes the cable through the pipe, the camera feeds live video to a closed-circuit tv, which the technician monitors. Video pipe inspections allow us to see what’s inside your pipes and make highly-informed diagnoses about any plumbing problems you may have.

When it comes to figuring out exactly what’s wrong with your plumbing system, you can’t do better than video pipe inspections. We’ll show you every potential problem in your pipe system and figure out the best way to fix it. Applewood’s experts provide video pipe inspections throughout our service area in the greater Denver, Boulder metro area. If you want to know exactlywhat’s wrong with your plumbing and exactlyhow to fix it, the professionals at Applewood are here to help.

What Problems Can a Video Pipe Inspection Identify?

Video pipe inspections are great for identifying potential problems early. Without them, it would be hard to identify some plumbing problems until they started to inflict serious damage. Video pipe inspections help Applewood’s experts find and fix any of the following problems before they become serious (and expensive!):

  • Broken, Cracked or Collapsed Pipe: Damaged pipes that require repair or replacement.
  • Offset Pipe: Sewer pipes that have become misaligned.
  • Blockage: Grease build up or foreign objects get lodged in the pipe and restrict proper water flow.
  • Corrosion: Sections of pipes that have deteriorated and collapsed, restricting water flow.
  • Bellied Pipe: A section of the pipe that has sunk, creating a valley that collects paper and waste.
  • Leaking Joints: Seals between pipes that have broken, allowing water to escape into the area surrounding the pipe.
  • Root Infiltration: Tree or shrub roots that have punctured the sewer line.
  • Off-Grade Pipe: Old pipes that are constructed of substandard, outdated, or deteriorated material.

Why Should I Choose Applewood for My Video Pipe Inspection?

When it comes to solvingthe problems your video pipe inspection identifies, you can’t do better than Applewood Plumbing Heating & Electric. Applewood has been in business for over 48 years. In that time, we have maintained a 96% on-time service record and earned over 300,000 repeat customers. Our experts have offered video pipe inspections for as long as they’ve been technologically available. We have the experience to conduct your inspection perfectly and solve your problems reliably.

Applewood is open 6am to 10pm, 7 days a week. We’ll arrive on time, conduct your video pipe inspection, identify your problem, and figure out the best way to solve it. We’ll do such a good job that you’ll come back for all of your plumbing services, just like over 300,000 other local customers. If you want a video pipe inspection, call Applewood right away. We look forward to earning your repeat business!

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