February 22, 2023

6 Reasons to Schedule a Hot Water Heater Inspection

As long as hot water keeps flowing, your water heater must be fine, right? Maybe not. If your tank isn’t properly maintained you could face issues such as carbon monoxide leaks, scalding water, water damage and electrical shock. 

Neglecting your water heater could reduce its efficiency and shorten its lifespan. This costs you more in the short term and long term. Here are a few reasons why regular water heater maintenance is crucial to get the most out of your water heater. 

1. Remove Sediment

Water Heater Inspection_final

Sediment inside the tank forms a layer of insulation between the gas burner and the water. This barrier slows the transfer of heat into the water and overheats the tank bottom. Overheating of the tank bottom weakens the steel and can damage the glass lining thereby shortening the life of your water heater.

To keep your appliance working efficiently, we drain your water heater to empty out the sediment. 

2. Check The Anode Rod

Another benefit of draining your tank is that we can check the anode rod inside. This magnesium or aluminum rod attracts corrosive particles so that they don’t attack the components of your water heater. Eventually, these rods corrode away and need to be replaced.

3. Test for Proper Flame and Venting (gas heaters)

Gas water heaters rely on a burner beneath the tank to heat the water within. It looks similar to the burner on your stove and like your stove burner, can have a compromised flame if debris gets in it. Additionally, a by-product of any burner is carbon monoxide. Your heater should be properly vented outside so that this deadly gas doesn’t accumulate. It’s worth your family’s safety to check this regularly. 

4. Check The Heating Element (electric heaters)

If you have an electric water heater in your home, it relies on a tube-like heating element inside to heat the water. Corrosion can affect the efficiency of your heating element and cost you more to heat water. Regular maintenance can catch corrosion to clean or replace faulty heating elements. 

5. Test The Pressure Relief Valve

That little nozzle on the side of your water heater is the pressure relief valve. If for any reason pressure builds up inside of your water heater, this valve will release the water inside until the pressure is stable again. This valve performs the important task of keeping your water heater from rupturing or even exploding. 

6. Test The Thermostat

Your water heater’s thermostat controls the amount of energy it uses to heat your water. Without this control your water can be too hot or too cold.  It’s one of the components that can fail or not function properly. 

Schedule Your Water Heater Check Up

Now is the perfect time to get your water heater inspected. Schedule your regular water heater maintenance today and keep your hot water flow from being interrupted. Applewood is a family owned business that has supported the communities of Denver and Boulder for 50 years. Our staff of licensed plumbers appreciate your support.


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