December 11, 2023

A Plumber’s New Year’s Resolutions

What better New Year’s resolution is there than one that can save you money for the whole year?

Most people don’t think to include their home, especially their plumbing, in the long list of New Year’s resolutions made each year. The plumbers at Applewood Plumbing Heating & Electric came up with these recommendations to include as we move into 2024.

Resolve to keep your pipes healthy and warm.

It’s like keeping your own health in good order. Good plumbing is all about healthy pipes. We’ve had the luxury of some warm temperatures so far this winter. We can’t get lax, so the first resolution would be to protect your pipes from the cold. They don’t like the freezing temps any more than people do. A frozen pipe can lead to a burst pipe and that can cause a lot of costly water damage before you know it.

Keep drains flowing smoothly by keeping them clear.

That means sinks and toilets alike.

The only thing that should be flushed down a toilet is toilet paper. Your toilet is not the place for any so-called disposables and while many wipes claim to break down, Applewood Plumbing often finds these items to be the culprit behind a major backup.

Avoid disposing too much food waste in your kitchen sink. With the holidays at hand, there’s plenty of food prep taking place. Garbage disposals are useful, they’re not magic. Food grease can slip right through and can congeal and clog your drain. Taking care of your drains and relying on your disposal less can prevent the need for costly and time-consuming repairs.

Ensure your showers are warm for all of 2024.

Our plumbers suggest resolving to schedule an annual checkup for your water heater. Have a professional flush the tank to eliminate sediment that can slow your hot water. Also have them do an overall check to evaluate your water heater’s condition. This maintenance will ensure you have warm showers all year long, and it extends your appliance’s longevity.

For all your plumbing concerns

We hope these simple ideas from your local Boulder/ Denver plumber make your list of new year’s resolutions. Applewood is committed to helping you keep your home on track in 2024.

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