February 19, 2020

Applewood awards ABC Quilts of Colorado $1,000

Applewood Plumbing Heating & Electric awarded $1,000 as part of their monthly Caring Community Giveaway to ABC Quilts of Colorado.

ABC Quilts is a nonprofit organization comprised of more than 70 volunteers who create quilts for children in crisis and/or need throughout the Denver-metro area. Each quilt is independently handmade, and from size to design every quilt is made differently so that each child can have something unique to call their own.

“We call ourselves ‘The Grandmas Making Quilts.’ We’re all volunteers and like to help children in our own way. We pour our love into each quilt we make” said Deonna Ainslie, ABC Quilts of Colorado President. At their monthly meetings, the volunteers sew, learn new quilting tips and tricks, share fabrics and enjoy lunch. Not only are volunteers sharing their talents by making quilts for children in crisis, they are sharing friendship, supporting one another and encouraging the art of quilting. “ABC Quilts keeps us busy and social during retirement which can be lonely all while providing something really lovely to children in need. A quilt usually takes at least 5 hours to make depending on the pattern and we are producing thousands per year so we are definitely busy” said Ainslie.

ABC Quilts relies heavily on fabric donations to complete their quilts. Applewood’s donation will help purchase rolls of batting which is the most expensive and integral part of the quilting process. The volunteers are very adamant that the quilts be able to keep a child warm in any situation.

For more information about ABC Quilts, go to www.abcquilts4kids.com.

The ladies of ABC Quilts with a member of the Applewood team
The ladies of ABC Quilts with a member of the Applewood team

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