March 14, 2024

Applewood Supports Youth Hockey Programs

Applewood Plumbing Heating & Electric believes that sports build character and work ethic. That’s why they are a large supporter of youth sports, including hockey. Their latest sponsorship was a Zamboni at the Ice Centre at the Promenade in Westminster.

“I love hockey and so do many of our employees, so supporting these local hockey programs fits in with our personal passions,” said Josh Ward, owner of Applewood. “We know hockey builds mental endurance in kids and better sets them up to succeed in life. This new Zamboni will better allow the kids to play the game they love.”

Applewood also sponsors local rinks and hockey programs in Frederick, Erie, Centennial and Littleton. They partner with the Colorado Avalanche and University of Denver, which both won their respective championships in 2022. The Avalanche and Pioneers winning the titles has led to an amazing growth in hockey in the past few years. More than 3,000 players aged eight and under are taking up hockey, with girls being the fastest growing segment, growing more than 30% each season. This is quickly raising youth hockey numbers, where there are already more than 15,000 youth skaters spread among hundreds of teams.

The Applewood Zamboni will clean and resurface the ice between hockey games, practices and other events at the rink. Making the Zamboni available ensures the safest surface is available for these youth sports programs. The Ice Centre at the Promenade has three rinks that need to be cleaned after each skating session.

Applewood is all for this growth, which is demonstrated by their continued support of youth hockey. Applewood knows that mental and physical strength is needed in both hockey and the trades.

“Many of these kids may decide to join a trade as a career and the will needed to play hockey readies them for the physical and mental strength needed to work in these fields,” said Ward.

Applewood is the largest family-owned plumbing, heating and electrical service company in Colorado. They actively support the community in several ways including support of youth sports programs, its quarterly Caring Community Giveaway and trade scholarships at Red Rocks Community College.

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