September 15, 2023

The 10 Best Plumbing Upgrades for Colorado Homeowners

A plumber works to upgrade a home’s toilet.

Investing in your home is important to keep it running properly and to ensure its long-term value. However, an aspect of home maintenance that often goes overlooked is plumbing. Your plumbing is one of the most critical systems in your home and an overlooked opportunity for improvement. 

Top-of-the-line plumbing upgrades can make your home more comfortable and give it a competitive edge in the market. Modern, high-efficiency appliances and fixtures can reduce your long-term maintenance costs and even lower your utility bills. In this guide, we’ll consider 10 plumbing upgrades and the value they could add to your home. We’ll also offer the optimal times to implement them.

10 Ways to Upgrade Your Plumbing

1. Tankless Water Heater Installation

Traditional tank heaters continuously heat water, resulting in wasted energy. In contrast, tankless heaters only heat water when needed. You get endless hot water, reduced energy costs and a more sustainable way of living. According to, tankless water heaters can be 24%–34% more energy-efficient than traditional models. Tankless models also last longer. Learn more about installing a tankless water heater in your home. 

Best Time to Install

Early fall is ideal, as you prepare your home for the colder months.

2. High-Efficiency Toilets

Older toilets can use as much as 6 gallons per flush, whereas high-efficiency models use less than 1.3 gallons. The EPA estimates that high-efficiency toilets can save the average family $110 per year. It may not sound like a lot up front but consider that toilets can last 25 years or more. Beyond efficiency, today’s smart toilets offer auto-flush, heated seats and deodorizing to make your bathroom a more pleasant and attractive place.

Best Time to Install

Any time is good, but it’s especially beneficial during bathroom remodels.

3. Water Softening System

Hard water can lead to scaling, which may harm your plumbing and appliances as well as your hair and your laundry. A water softener will replace hard calcium and magnesium ions with sodium ions to make your water soft. No more stains on your sinks or spots on your dishes. A softener system can be a good selling point when listing your home.

Best Time to Install

A homeowner washes their hands beneath a touchless bathroom faucet.

Spring or fall, during your annual home maintenance checks.

4. Touchless Faucets

Touchless faucets are convenient, save water and reduce the spread of germs. Water starts and stops only as you need it and you don’t risk the build up of germs and bacteria on the handle. A touchless faucet in your kitchen and/or bathroom can be an attractive upgrade to potential buyers.

Best Time to Install

When upgrading your kitchen or bathroom, or when you find touchless technology deals.

5. Eco Shower Head

Eco-friendly shower heads can reduce water usage without compromising pressure. According to the EPA, your family could save up to 2,700 gallons of water per year by investing in more efficient shower heads. Plus, an enhanced shower experience combined with water savings is a good selling point.

Best Time to Install

During bathroom remodels or when eco-friendly products are on sale.

6. Garbage Disposal Replacement

Noisy operation, leaks and frequent clogs are signs that your disposal may need replacement. An upgraded disposal model can reduce noise and odors while making your kitchen run better.

Best Time to Install

Replace your unit when you notice inefficiency or malfunctions.

A plumber loosens old corroded pipes to replace them.

7. Pipe Replacement

Old, corroded pipes can lead to leaks, water damage, and decreased water quality. Replacing old pipes can prevent costly future damage and improve water quality in your home. Updating your pipes is a sure way to increase your home’s value and ensure that your plumbing works for years to come.

Best Time to Install

During a home renovation or when signs of aging pipes (e.g. discolored water or reduced water pressure) become evident.

8. Pipe Insulation

Pipe insulation can help conserve energy and prevent pipes from freezing during cold winters. An exposed pipe that ruptures can be catastrophic. Energy conservation and preventing costly freeze damage adds value and peace of mind.

Best Time to Install

Late summer or early fall, before the cold weather hits.

9. Sewer Line Inspection and Replacement

This is the biggest but perhaps most crucial upgrade on this list. Sewer issues often manifest as slow drainage and unpleasant odors. A decaying or clogged sewer line can be a health hazard and put your entire plumbing system out of order. Schedule annual drain cleanings and sewer inspections to ensure that your sewer line remains sound. Proactively replace your line before it causes catastrophic damage.

Best Time to Install

Spring or early summer, before the heavy rain season can exacerbate issues.

10. Outdoor Plumbing Upgrades

A shiny new outdoor faucet on a home's patio.

High-quality fixtures can make garden maintenance easier and more efficient. Install faucets where you’ll use them. Add an outdoor shower next to your pool or hot tub. Enhanced outdoor functionality can improve your home’s curb appeal and make life easier.

Best Time to Install

Late spring or early summer, when you’re likely to get the most use from outdoor fixtures.

Your Local Plumbing Improvement Experts

Improving your home’s plumbing system can enhance your quality of life while also adding significant value to your property. Whether you’re planning on selling or simply want to make sustainable and convenient improvements, these 10 upgrades are worth considering.

To learn more about these and other plumbing upgrades for your home, reach out to the friendly team at Applewood. We’d be happy to evaluate your current plumbing and offer recommendations on how to best invest in your home’s future. Call or schedule online to have one of our licensed technicians start your upgrades today. 

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