November 9, 2023

Brown Friday, the Busiest Day of the Year for Plumbers

applewood worker testing sink water pressure

While shoppers call the Friday after Thanksgiving Black Friday, plumbers are considering it “Brown Friday.” This is the busiest day of the year for plumbers. The amount of waste created by big family gatherings and cooking more food than normal tends to take a toll on pipes, drains and garbage disposals.

Busted garbage disposals can be a costly repair that can be easily avoided. Here are Applewood Plumbing Heating & Electric’s tips to keep your garbage disposal working during the holiday season.

Do These Things:

  1. Run your garbage disposal regularly. Regular use keeps parts free from rust and corrosion and ensures they continue to move to avoid the buildup of tiny obstructions.
  2. Run cold water. Before you turn on your disposal to grind food waste, always run a strong, cold-water flow. Any oil or grease that would enter the unit will solidify when exposed to cold water, allowing it to be chopped up before it reaches the trap.
  3. Cut large items into smaller pieces. Instead of trying to jam a big amount in at once, put pieces into the garbage disposal a few at a time while the cold water is running.

Don’t do these things:

  1. Don’t pour grease, oil or fat down the drain. Grease will gradually build up and cause clogs that you don’t want to have in addition to preventing the disposal from breaking up food particles.
  2. Don’t use hot water when grinding food waste. Hot water will cause grease to liquefy and accumulate later as it cools, causing clogs in the drain.
  3. Don’t grind anything fibrous such as eggshells, corn husks, celery, onion skins and artichokes. Fibers from these can tangle and ruin the garbage disposal motor and also result in clogged drains.
  4. Don’t try to grind up peanut butter. Peanut butter is oily and sticky and doesn’t break down.

It’s crucial to make wise garbage disposal decisions not only during the holidays, but all year around.

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