December 5, 2019

How to safely get in the holiday spirit this season

One of the best features of the holiday season is admiring all of the lights and decor people put up to celebrate. As you decorate, it’s important to be cautious of what can potentially happen if you aren’t aware of how many electrical resources you’re using. Here are 10 safety and energy-saving tips to keep in mind as you put up holiday decorations this season:

Unplug while gone

The holiday season is a time for travel and holiday parties, meaning these months are common to spend more time away from your home. If this is the case for you and your family, it’s a good idea to unplug your holiday lights as a safety precaution when gone. This also helps save energy.

Green giving

Holidays are a good time to give people the electronics they want. Look for gifts that are energy efficient and products that can use rechargeable batteries. They may cost you more initially but benefit you in the long run because they’re a one-time purchase.

Keeping warm without the heat

If you are more frequently the host of holiday get togethers rather than someone who travels to holiday parties, use that to your advantage. The more people in your home at one time, the lower you can keep your thermostat. Turning your heat down even one degree can lower the cost of your heating bill by 3%.

Use LED lights

Using LED lights is more efficient because they only use 10% of energy compared to regular bulbs. These durable lights will also last longer, saving you more money during the holiday season.

Inspect decor

It’s important to look for fragmented or frayed lights as you decorate. Make sure each socket has a bulb in it to prevent accidents.

Real trees need to be watered

Winter means dry conditions. Watering your tree keeps it hydrated and minimizes fire hazards. It’s suggested to keep two inches of water at the trunk while it’s decorated.

Avoid nails when hanging lights

Hammering nails into strings of lights when hanging them outside is the least safe option. Use clips to safely attach your decor to avoid putting nails though the cord(s).

Use a timer for your lights

Put lights on a timer to ensure energy efficiency and safety. You’ll be reducing the risk of overheating and potential fire.

Keep indoor lights away from drapes, carpet and furniture

Lights should stand alone to prevent a fire in your home. The most important thing to keep them away from is fabric and it’s suggested to tuck them away, so light strands don’t move, creating risk.

Use lights tested by nationally recognized labs

UL tests electronics to keep consumers safe when decorating for the holidays. Making sure your lights are UL-certified helps prevent chance of fires and other potential dangers to your home.

All of these tips can help make your holidays safer, more energy efficient and reduce the strain on your electrical system. Applewood Plumbing Heating & Electric has technicians who can assess your electrical capacity and assist in ensuring your system is prepared to handle your holiday decorating desires without risk to your family or home.

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