April 11, 2016

Improve Your Air with House Plants!

Did you know certain plants are actually proven to improve the air quality in your home? There are tons of plants that provide not only beauty but the ability to keep your home’s air cleaner. The leaves can remove low levels of pollution and the roots can remove air pollutants in higher quantities. In this post, we will share 5 plants you should keep in your home and how they help your health.*

Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

Aloe is one of the best, if not the top plant to have in your home. It is used for sun burn relief, kitchen burns and it has benefits to consuming it. Did you know it is also an air purifier? In the 80’s, NASA did a study on how to keep space stations air clean and discovered aloe vera plants release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide at night. BONUS: It is a very low maintenance plant that needs little watering and is easy to grow.

Spider Plant

These plants can remove formaldehyde and carbon monoxide from the air. This is one of the plants that NASA recommends having in your home.

Peace Lily
Peace Lily

Peace Lily

Relieves illness caused by airborne toxins and mold. It is particularly good purifying acetone. Acetone is found in many household cleans and even paint. A great place to have this plant is a bathroom.

English Ivy

It can reduce mold in the air, chemicals such as benzene which is found in things like detergents and cigarette smoke.

Ficus plant


It is also a great overall air purifier. It can help remove air toxins such as ammonia, from your home.

These plants we have listed are just the tipping point. Check out about additional plants that extend benefits beyond their beauty here.

* Pet owners should ask their vet if their plants are pet-friendly.



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