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How to Keep Your Pipes From Freezing

October 28, 2019

When the weather gets colder, you bundle up, get snow tires on your car, and stock up on mittens and hats. While you’re prepping for the big freeze, make sure you include your pipes. The last thing you want is to have to pay for repairs this winter. Keep your pipes from freezing to avoid a plumbing bill! 

What happens if my pipes freeze? 

Once the temps start to drop, you need to take measures to keep the pipes warm and the water running. Frozen pipes often burst, leaving you with a messy cleanup and a repair bill. Follow our tips to keep your pipes warm and running properly. 

How do I keep my pipes from freezing? 

Don’t let costly repairs bring you down this winter. Follow these simple steps to keep your pipes in working order: 

  1. Planning a holiday vacation? Keep your thermostat above 55°F while you’re out of the house. 
  2. If your water supply lines are located in the garage, make sure you keep your garage door closed. 
  3. Open kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors to allow warmer air to circulate around the plumbing under your cabinets. 
  4. Keep your thermostat set to the same temperature both day and night. 
  5. Run water through the pipes. Letting cold water drip from the faucet helps prevent the pipes from freezing. 
  6. Add insulation to attics, basements, and crawl spaces. Insulation will help trap warmer temperatures in those areas. 

Are your pipes in need of repair? Do you have questions about how to keep your pipes warm? Get in touch with the experts at Assured Environments! We have the ability to make virtually any repair as well as prevent future problems! Contact us today.

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