April 1, 2016

Spring is coming! Time to clean the gutters!

We can’t stress enough how important it is to get your gutters clean before spring rains come. Make time, get your mind IN the gutters, and clean them.

One of the main reasons for cleaning gutters is so that rainwater flows away from the house. When cold weather hits, frozen water around a home could break the foundation.

Another reason to do it now: If the gutters are clogged, rainwater will spill over and rot the fascia board, the soffits and the plywood under the roof. It could even cause a wall or ceiling to crack.Upstairs Window of House Here is the easiest way to clean gutters.

Safety should be first on your mind when cleaning gutters. You might not like the idea of moving the ladder every few feet, but getting up on the roof to do the clean-out is quite dangerous. If you don’t have a ladder that’s high enough, rent one! On a single-story house, you might chance going up on the roof but only if it doesn’t have a steep pitch, and if you have shoes with good traction. Place the ladder on a secure base. Put it against the house, not the gutter as it can break loose.

Get a helper to hold the ladder and climb up until you can look down into the gutter. Be careful to avoid any power or electrical lines. Use glove-covered hands to scoop out the muck, or use a garden trowel to clear horizontal run areas. You can empty the leaves into a plastic bag or bucket, or fling them down onto a tarp.

Clean downspouts so water has a place to go. Scoop stuff out of the top, then run water down the hole. Water pressure will remove almost anything. If necessary, remove the clog with a wire hanger or a broomstick. Run a hose along the gutters to remove anything you missed.

You’ll be glad you planned ahead and followed our tips on the easiest way to clean gutters!

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