August 23, 2021

Why Does a Colorado License Matter?

When calling around to see who can help you out in a pinch with your plumbing and electrical do you ever ask if the technician will have a license? Take a look at this infographic to see why hiring a licensed pro is so important.

Did you know that an unlicensed contractor working in your home isn’t legally enforceable?

That means if something goes wrong, you – the homeowner – are liable.

There are plenty of reasons to use a licensed plumber or electrician in Colorado. A professional with a Colorado contractor license will most likely:

  • Also be insured.
  • Perform a higher quality of work.
  • Know the local building codes.
  • Be trustworthy.

All of Applewood’s plumbing and electrical contractor’s are licensed in the state of Colorado. If you want to be certain that you’re dealing with a licensed professional, simply perform a contractor license lookup.

Go to Crimcheck and search by state for your contractor. You’ll know instantly if the person you’re planning to hire to work in your home has a contractor’s license.

A Licensed Plumber Near Me 

If you have questions about contractor liability or are looking to find a licensed electrician or plumber in the Denver or Boulder area, contact Applewood today. We’d be happy to be your trusted resource for home repairs.

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