January 4, 2023

7 Winter Energy Saving Tips *Infographic*


A third of your utility bill will likely go toward heating your home this year. With energy costs rising and families crunching budgets, we wanted to share some helpful hints on how to keep your home warm in winter without breaking the bank. 

Sometimes a little upfront investment saves a lot in the long run. At Applewood, we’ve helped Colorado families stay warm for nearly 50 years. Put our experience and expertise to work for your pocket book. Here are our seven best energy saving tips for winter.

Winter Energy Saving Tips 2015

1. Turn Down Your Thermostat 

This may feel like a no-brainer but when you crunch the numbers, you can see the savings add up.  Turning your thermostat down even four degrees for eight hours could save you 10% off your total heating expenses. Every additional degree can save you another 3%.

Throw that extra blanket on your bed and let the mercury drop while you sleep. Late night trips to the bathroom might be a little frosty but with a programmable thermostat, you can have the house toasty when you wake up. Turn the heat down while you’re at work, on vacation or out doing errands. Every little bit adds up.

2. Winterize Your Windows

Roughly 30% of your heating energy is lost through your windows. Winterizing windows with weatherstipping, caulk and window coverings can all add up to more savings. Cut the draft along moldings and add another layer of insulation with heavy drapes or blinds. Consider having an energy audit to see where your biggest energy loss gaps are.

3. Inspect and Seal Ducts 

Your HVAC system includes a complex network of ducts that carry warm air to all parts of your home. If your ducts are older and suffer from loose connections or holes, your valuable air could be lost to another part of your home. Check your ducts for drafts and seal any locations where hot air is leaking out. 

An annual HVAC inspection can help identify this issue along with other potential heating problems. 

4. Replace Your Furnace Filter 

Of all the energy efficiency tips for winter, swapping out your furnace’s filter is the easiest. An older, dirty furnace filter restricts airflow and slows hot air from reaching its destination. It can also be a health hazard.

Examine your furnace and find the long, narrow slot that your filter slides into. Simply get a same-sized replacement filter at your local hardware store and place it in the slip. If you need help for the first time, we’re happy to show you how it’s done. Do this every other month or as your filter becomes dirty. You could pay 5% less on your heating bill.

5. Stop Fireplace Drafts

A cozy fire is a lovely winter treat but you could be losing more hot air than you’re gaining. While you feel the warmth radiate from a blazing fire, that fire also draws air from your home to burn. Much of that air can be lost up the chimney. 

Have your fireplace inspected by a professional to see how winter worthy it is. Consider having a gas or wood fireplace insert installed that is rated for high efficiency. You can have your fire without seeing your heating bill go up in smoke.

6. Turn Your Water Heater Down

Keeping a tank full of hot water all winter long takes a lot of energy. You can reduce this expense 7-11% by turning your hot water heater down to 120 degrees or whatever your manufacturer’s recommended setting is.

You could also consider installing a tankless water heater which heats water on demand without the constant energy use. We’d be happy to explain the benefits of today’s tankless models to see if one would be the right fit for your home. 

7. Use Appliances Efficiently

Wait until you have a full load of laundry to do before you run your washing machine. When you do your laundry, use cold water to conserve the energy needed to heat it. Consider an indoor laundry line to dry your clothes in the winter and always clear your lint trap so that your dryer can work efficiently. 

Keep Colorado Energy Costs Down

Whether it’s inspecting your furnace, repairing your appliances, cleaning out your water heater or insulating your pipes, Applewood can help you stay energy efficient this winter. For prompt and thorough plumbing, heating and electrical service in Denver, Boulder and Longmont, call Applewood today!

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