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Boiler Repair

Basement Boiler in Denver, CO

How Do Boilers Work to Heat My Home?

Boilers provide radiant heat by heating water that is then circulated through copper or PEX tubing in traditional radiators and modern radiators, or hidden behind walls and floors. The radiating hot water from the boiler warms the walls and objects in the room.

When you stand next to warm objects, you experience less heat loss and feel warmer. Undoubtedly, radiant heat from boilers is the most comfortable way to heat your home.

Our Boiler Repair Experts Help Determine Your Needs

Thinking of installing a new boiler or replacing an existing boiler in your Denver area home? Applewood Plumbing, Heating & Electric services the entire Denver metro and has over 50 years of heating and cooling services expertise. Our expert technicians will come assess your home and determine what system will work best for your family and your home.

Major Benefits of a Boiler Heating System

  • Improved Efficiency – Most new condensing boilers are 90% or more efficient.
  • Free Up Space – Modern boilers are smaller in size and take less space.
  • Quieter Operation – Boilers are almost silent and unheard in today’s world.
  • More Consistent Heating – Live comfortably in your home and don’t worry about cold spots.

If you’re interested in learning more about what the trained technicians at Applewood can do to help you improve the heating in your home, please contact us or schedule a service for boiler repair in Denver by using the buttons below.

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