April 23, 2021

Energy Saving Tips for Summer

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Change of season brings different energy demands. Get your home ready for the warmer months with our energy saving trips for summer. As your local Denver heating and cooling experts, we want to make sure your energy bills don’t bite into your summer vacation budget.

Below you’ll find our best water saving tips for summer and our air conditioner efficiency tips so that you won’t overheat when you open your utility bills. Applewood’s experts are always on hand to answer your questions, service your air conditioner or update your sprinkler system.

Simple Ways to Save Energy and Money this Summer

A simple rule for energy use is: If you don’t need it, don’t use it. Sounds basic, but how can you put it into practice and save money? Here are a few of our best suggestions:

  1. Turn off air conditioner before leaving the house for long periods.
  2. Keep indoor heat minimal: run dryer at night, grill outside instead of using your oven.
  3. Unplug electronics not in use. Plugged in appliances still draw power, even if they’re turned off.
  4. Close blinds and windows during day to keep hot air out.
  5. Use a fan instead of your air conditioning.
  6. Take a quick cold shower to cool down vs turning up the A/C.
  7. Use a smart thermostat to control temps from your phone.
  8. Keep temps consistent to prevent overworking your system.

These steps may seem small but by even implementing one or two of them, you’re likely to see a reduction in your energy costs.

Water Saving Tips for Summer

Stay hydrated but reduce your unnecessary water consumption. It’s good for the planet and it’s good for your wallet. Here are some of our tips for saving water, even when the mercury climbs:

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  1. Run your sprinkler during the morning or evening when evaporation is less.
  2. Adjust your sprinkler coverage and time to avoid overwatering.
  3. Turn off faucets while brushing teeth, shaving, washing hands, etc.
  4. Take showers instead of baths. Use an efficient showerhead.
  5. Use a broom instead of your hose to clean sidewalks and driveways.
  6. Repair leaks and drips in faucets and pipes.

Little efforts add up. The few gallons you save every day add up to serious water cost savings over the month.

Summer Maintenance Checklist for Home Energy Savings

Keeping your home up is a lot of work. You don’t always remember the endless list of maintenance and tune ups you should be doing. Breaking it down by season can help it feel more manageable.

Here are a few of our recommendations for things you can do in summer to improve air conditioner efficiency, cut costs and reduce energy use in your home:

  1. Replace your air conditioner filters every month to keep up efficiency and increase longevity.
  2. Inspect and flush your water heater. Debris and sediment can build up within.
  3. Install a smart thermostat. If you don’t have one already, it will help regulate your home’s temperature more efficiently.
  4. Fill cracks and repair windows and doors where warm air seeps in.
  5. Upgrade your insulation. Just as it keeps you warm in winter your insulation helps keep cool air in during the summer.
  6. Clean gutters and downspouts. Water damage can compromise your home’s exterior.
  7. Clean out your dryer vent for better efficiency.
  8. Get a professional tune up. Regular maintenance will help keep your air conditioning and your entire HVAC system running longer and more efficiently. A pro can catch problems you might miss.

 A little home maintenance is another small investment to keep things running better in every season.

Save Money on Energy in Your Colorado Home this Summer

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