July 1, 2021

5 Tips to Keep Your Home Clean

Looking for a few simple ways to keep your home clean? Applewood – your Denver area home care experts – have you covered.

Want to know the best way to a clean microwave or how to get pet hair off your furniture?
Roll up your sleeves, grab the white vinegar and read on!

How to keep your garbage disposal fresh. Garbage disposals smell when waste builds up. Perform a refresh by pouring a mixture of vinegar and baking soda down your kitchen drain. Let it work its fizzy magic for ten minutes, rinse and finish off by grinding some lemon or lime peel. Your garbage disposal will have a fresh citrus smell for days!

Improve your home air with clean vents. Dust and lint build up quickly in between vents and your vacuum doesn’t always get it. Wrap a butter knife in a damp dust cloth, poke it through and wipe. Those vents will look new again and your air quality and flow will improve.

Remove pet hair. We love our pets but pet hair on furniture and in your carpet can cause constant frustration. Believe it or not a squeegee will gather up all that embedded pet hair for easy vacuuming.

How to clean a microwave. Let’s face it, no one wants to clean the microwave. Out of sight, out of mind. Here’s an easy way to remove the grime and freshen your microwave without endless awkward scrubbing.

Heat a bowl of vinegar and water for 5 minutes. *Bonus hack: put a toothpick in the bowl to prevent the liquid from boiling over. Don’t open your microwave when the timer dings but instead let the solution steam for several minutes. You should be able to easily to wipe your microwave out now.

Make faucets shine. Shower heads and faucets develop mineral buildup over time. The occasional vinegar soak will dissolve all that gunk and leave your fixtures looking new and running better. Attach a bag with vinegar and water over your faucet or shower and let it work overnight.

Clean air, clean water and a clean home keep your family healthy. When you have questions about your plumbing, heating or cooling, Applewood Plumbing, Heating and Electric is your source for answers in the Denver and Boulder, Colorado area.

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