December 3, 2020

Applewood Prevents Pricey Winter Problems

With the holidays coming up, individuals and families like to show their holiday spirit with outdoor decorations and lights, which can add to increased electrical costs. Ensuring that you have a sufficient and stable power supply can help keep your home safe and looking festive.

Although there is no getting around the need to be at home and no one wants to compromise on their home decor, there are ways to save money this winter on electric bills.

-Update home electrical system
-Whole-house surge protection
-Use electrical timers

Some of the recommended home electrical updates include increased voltage, more outlets and new wiring. Newer electrical systems are more energy efficient and have greater capacities than the older systems. These new systems are more reliable and ensure that your outdoor holiday decorations shine brightly and safely while the whole family enjoys the holidays inside.

Higher voltages in newer electrical systems increase the efficiency of these systems. With higher voltages, less energy is lost in the transportation and transfer of the energy while the older home systems lose more energy along the way. This is even more important with the increased number of people at home using their devices.

Updated home electrical systems also increase the value of your home if you sell it in the future and allow for expanded electrical coverage to your outdoor electrical system. Expanding electrical coverage allows you to stop using the old daisy chained extension cords that can overload circuits and present tripping and fire hazards.

Extension cords are not the only electrical hazard in your home. There are mini energy surges in most homes every day that, over time, damage your electrical system and can cause home electrical fixtures’ and appliances’ lifespans to decrease by up to 30%. Whole-home surge protection stops these little surges from entering your home’s electrical system and can further protect your home in case of larger, more dangerous surges.

Electrical timer plugs for outdoor decorations and indoor appliances can reduce wasted energy during times when these items are not on display.

Applewood’s state licensed electricians are available to help keep your energy bills down and your spirits high with their expertise.

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