June 17, 2013

Coming Home to a Dark House Can Be Scary…

More important than your home itself are the people and belongings inside. One of the most important things that you can do to protect your home is to install the right kind of outdoor security lighting. Hiring a skilled electrician to help you plan is the first step.

A big misconception is that the brighter the light the better chance of deterring a burglar. Unfortunately this is a common mistake. Bright lights on a driveway or a front yard can create shadows where intruders could hide. The best solution is to use a lower level of light, or decorative landscape lighting. Not only will it provide security, but it will also give a beautiful look to your home.

The most important places to add lighting are at all entrances such as windows, doors, porches, decks and garages. It is also a good idea to have light shining on all keyholes. When selecting the type of bulbs, know that incandescent lights are easy to maintain, but they are the least energy efficient choice. Another option is sodium or mercury vapor lights. These are more powerful and energy efficient systems, but they are also more expensive.

Adding heat or motion sensing features can save energy and provide security at the same time! Lights with motion sensors turn on when they detect any movement, so if you live in an area with a lot of wind or animals, you may want to consider a sensitivity adjustment option. Heat sensors work in a similar way and turn on when they detect body temperature.

Feeling safe and secure at home is a huge priority. Our licensed electricians can help create a security lighting plan that is right for you and your home, all while increasing safety and adding value. Call us today to schedule an appointment, (303) 232-6611.

Image source: homealarmssecurity.org

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