July 18, 2023

5 Tips for Water Damage Prevention

Even though there’s a current wave of heat, Colorado’s summer monsoons will likely still bring more water to the state. This year, Colorado has already exceeded its normal expected rainfall, which has caused many homeowners water damage repairs.

Severe storms have hit Colorado as a whole, everywhere from tornados touching down in Highlands Ranch to thunder and hailstorms in Lakewood. These storms have put a damper on summer plans and caused serious water damage to many homes. More than 26% of all properties in Colorado are expected to experience water damage due to flooding. Homeowners can take necessary precautions to protect against costly home repairs.

One inch of unexpected water flooding your home can cause more than $25,000 in damage alone. Therefore, being proactive and taking measures to protect your home is crucial to avoiding unexpected repair bills. Poor drainage, clogged gutters and unprotected basement windows are some of the biggest contributors to water damage. 

Applewood Plumbing Heating & Electric recommends a few quick fixes to ensure a home free of flooding for you and your family. Here are five areas to secure and maintain to reduce the risk of water damage.

Poor Drainage

Poor drainage in and around your home can happen for a variety of reasons and often goes unnoticed. Water can pool in low areas if the ground isn’t sloped to move water away from the foundation. Check the drains at street level and remove debris that may cause water backup.

Sump Pumps

Sump pumps are common in Colorado. Sump pumps are placed in a constructed pit, known as a basin, below the main surface of the basement floor. The pump senses escalating water levels or pressure and when the water gets high, the pump automatically kicks in to remove excess water away from the property through a discharge line.

Clogged Gutters

Similarly, another cause of flooding is clogged gutters. Gutters are intended to give rainwater a pathway away from your home. Since gutters are on the roof of your house, it is inevitable that leaves and debris, like hail, may clog your gutter and prevent water from moving through them efficiently. Sometimes they overflow resulting in water building up to a home’s foundation. Gutters must be cleaned regularly to prevent buildup or blockage.

French Drains

Installing French drains is one option to reduce risk of flooding. A French drain is formed from gravel designed to carry water away from the home. French drains allow water to pass through rather than pool in the yard. These drains manage water at ground level, making them beneficial when it comes to stopping a potential flood at the source. A French drain will allow you to redirect the water that may collect in low areas of the yard.

Window Well Covers

Secure window well covers can reduce water buildup and prevent water entering the home through basement windows. Window well covers are simply a sheet of material manufactured to fit over the top of the exposed window. Window well coverings are easy to install and an affordable option to protect your home.

These options are some of the ways to protect your home from the next storm.

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