July 17, 2023

5 Hacks for Staying Cool When Your AC is Broken

Human beings existed without air conditioning for thousands of years before its invention in 1902. But when the mercury climbs, surviving without it seems inconceivable. Whether you don’t have AC in your home or you’re trying to figure out how to stay cool when your AC is broken, we can help. These tips can also help you use your AC less to reduce your summer utility bill.

Exposure to high temperatures causes heat illnesses like heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke that can require emergency medical attention. Protect yourself and your family with these five AC hacks to keep cool without running your air conditioning (like the olden days). And, if you’re faced with a broken-down unit in the middle of a heat wave, be sure to call Applewood for fast, friendly and reliable air conditioner repair in the Denver, Boulder and Longmont areas.


1. Turn on a fan 

Fans work in several ways. Most simply, they replace the warmer air near your body with cooler feeling air. A ceiling fan run in reverse will help draw cooler air near the floor and circulate it more evenly. Additionally, when you sweat, your body uses its heat energy to evaporate the sweat, resulting in a cooling sensation. A fan accelerates this evaporative cooling effect. 

If all you’re moving is hot air, place a bowl of cold water or ice in front of the fan. It will absorb heat when evaporating and cool the air being blown.

2. Leave windows open at night 

A woman opens her windows at night to stay cool.

Mine that cool evening air by opening windows on opposite sides of your home and letting it flow into your house. For additional cooling power, hang a wet towel or cloth in the window. This is a trick people have used for thousands of years and will cool the air further as it enters your home. 

Then, close your windows during the day to keep hot air out. Close your blinds as well to reduce the warming effect from solar radiation, which can raise your indoor temps significantly. 

A woman turns on her kitchen exhaust fan to remove warm air.

3. Run exhaust fans 

An exhaust fan or reverse window fan (blowing out instead of in) will draw out hot air from your stove and washrooms and direct it outdoors. This will also remove moisture from your home that would otherwise make you feel hotter and prevent your body from cooling down.

A house with shade trees planted near it.

4. Plant trees 

Plant trees outside the windows that receive the most sunlight during the hottest part of the day. In addition to blocking the sun’s rays, trees lower the temperature through transpiration (evaporating water through plant leaves). This also helps reduce the amount of cooling your AC has to do.

A homeowner gets a glass of cold water to stay hydrated on a hot day.

5. Hydrate

Without proper hydration, your body can’t regulate its temperature or produce the sweat you need to cool down. Make sure you get plenty of water, juice or milk to keep yourself going. Consider resting or reducing activity during the hottest parts of the day to conserve energy and fluids.

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