June 22, 2020

How to Make Charging Your Devices Easier in Your Home

Modern life runs on devices. From smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices with USB charging, it seems like almost every type of device takes up valuable wall outlet space. If you’re having trouble managing your various charging cables and want a more effective and less cluttered solution to your charging problems, a new type of charging station could be the perfect addition to your home!

Why Charging Stations Are Great Investments

The average family with children will likely have at least two or three smartphones that will require charging on a daily basis. Numerous other devices like tablets and smart devices for the home may also require charging or use power cables that provide power through USB. All these devices will quickly clutter the wall outlets throughout the home, and having numerous cables coming out of every outlet is not only cluttered, it is also potentially dangerous.

It’s never a good idea to crowd your electrical outlets. While some households will rely on things like power strips and surge protectors for multiple devices and appliances, too much plugged into a single outlet can lead to power problems. This type of setup can also increase the risk of tripped breakers, power surges, and even electrical fires. Charging stations can help alleviate the crowding around your home’s wall outlets and offer a more elegant, more consolidated charging solution for the devices you use every day.

What Type of Charging Stations Are Best?

The majority of modern devices with built-in batteries require USB chargers. A typical USB charger for a smartphone or tablet typically includes a plug base that attaches to the outlet and a USB cable that runs from the base to the device. However, these cables are detachable, and USB charging hubs can provide an easy charging solution for several devices while only using one wall socket.

Some of the best USB charging hubs include plugs for up to ten USB cables, potentially allowing you to charge ten different devices using a single wall socket. You’ll find USB charging hubs in many different styles. Some have their own power cords that allow you to place them on desk tops, counters, end tables, and other areas easily. Others are like larger versions of the plug bases that come with most USB charging-enabled devices, but rather than one socket for a USB cable, they have several. Instead of devoting one wall socket to one device, you could have as many as ten charging through a single socket.

Creating Charging Stations in Your Home

With so many digital devices seeing everyday use in modern life, it makes sense to devote a small area inside a home to charging these devices. With the right USB charging hub and some clever cable management, you could potentially create a tastefully designed space on a countertop, end table, or side table that’s perfect for charging your devices without crowding your electrical sockets.

Every home is different, and you may have very different charging needs than your neighbor. Additionally, not every modern device is USB-enabled, and you may have many fixtures and appliances throughout your home that require constant power. While it may be easier to simply attach them to an extension cord and call it a day, this may not be the safest solution for your home.

Contact Applewood today if you’re having trouble determining the safest and most effective charging solution for your home. We can assess your wiring environment and recommend a solution that’s both safe and efficient for all your power-hungry devices.

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