June 11, 2020

Reduce Energy Waste While On Vacation

If you’re hitting the road this summer, pad your travel budget with the money you save on energy while you’re away. We’ve compiled a list of energy saving tips for summer that make your home more efficient while you’re living it up. Come home to smaller bills and bigger memories.

Pull the plug. Did you know that about a quarter of your electricity costs go toward appliances and devices that are idle? The New York Times broke down just how much power the items in your home draw while not in use. So, unplug that internet router before you hit the beach.

Close the curtains. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, 76% of sunlight coming into your home becomes heat. During cooling season, you can reduce your costs by keeping those sizzling rays at bay.

Turn Up the Thermostat. Some thermostats come with a “vacation” setting that keeps your home at an energy saving temperature. Given that 48% of your energy use goes to your HVAC (heating and cooling) system, keeping things efficient can save a lot.

Turn Off Your Water Heater. Water heaters are a constant energy draw. Some have a “vacation” setting, like your thermostat. Others you can simply turn off while you’re away. Whether electric or gas, your water heater should have a dial with an off position that is easy to turn off and on again.

Turn Off Lights. At risk of sounding like a dad: turn off your lights before you leave! While lights don’t use a ton of energy, the costs add up, especially with multiple lights. An energy calculator can help you see how much those bulbs cost you.

Set Timers. Canceling the mail, having a neighbor watch your home and setting timers are all good ways to make your home appear lived in while you’re gone. During the summer, set a timer for a few lights in the evening. With the longer days, you should only need them on for an hour or two.

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