March 23, 2023

Senior Bathroom Safety Tips

The bathroom can be a treacherous place and with 3 million elderly Americans treated for falls annually, we want to help lower your chance of injury.


The National Aging in Place Council recommends making three key elements in your home bathroom more senior friendly. Your shower, sink and toilet could be the cause of serious injury but you can take steps to lower your risk. We’ll show you how and your home service specialists at Applewood are always ready to help. 

If you’re concerned about an elderly parent hurting themselves at home, remember to treat the situation delicately. Remind them that simple solutions can make a big difference. We’ll show you how. 

“As with all matters related to your aging parent, adapting his or her living space to ever-changing needs has to be approached with respect and understanding.” – Susan Beerman and Judith Rappaport-Musson, eldercare management specialists.

Focus On Bathroom Safety

Updating your bathroom or your elderly parent’s bathroom to reduce the risk of falling could be as easy as making modifications in these key areas:

1. Shower  

Stepping over tub walls or shower barriers gets riskier as we age. Especially when water is involved. Remove your old tub and construct a walk-in shower stall with no barrier. 

Additionally, Install shower grab bars to steady yourself while showering and a bench or shower chair to sit in. A height adjustable handheld shower head makes it easier to wash and rinse without having to stand up. Just make sure your soap, shampoo and washcloth are easy to access from your seated position. Non slip bath mats inside and outside of your shower can help with traction

2. Sink 

Lower your bathroom sink and make sure there’s proper knee clearance for comfortable maneuvering in a wheelchair. If you have older fixtures, consider updating them with ergonomic faucets that are easier to turn on and off. 

3. Toilet 

Install an elevated toilet seat with bars to make getting up and down more safe and comfortable. You can either install a riser on your current toilet or replace your existing toilet with an ADA compliant toilet that is higher and includes safety bars. A portable toilet in your bedroom could make late night trips easier and safer. 

4. Lights

Insufficient lighting can make it difficult to navigate your bathroom at night. Make sure you have fixtures that illuminate all areas of your bathroom, including the shower. Consider adding motion activated lights so that you don’t struggle to find the on-switch during the night and leave a night light on to show your path. 

5. Water Heater 

Scalding water can be a real risk for seniors, especially if you have blood pressure issues. Make sure your water doesn’t exceed a safe temperature by setting your water heater accordingly. You could also install a tankless water heater specific to your bathroom to ensure you control the temperature. 

Make Yours A Senior Friendly Bathroom 

If a full remodel isn’t in the cards, you can still do plenty to improve your bathroom safety as you get older. For help with any of these senior bathroom ideas, contact your local home services experts at Applewood. We can help 

  • Relocate or install a new shower head
  • Install an ADA toilet
  • Improve your bathroom lighting
  • Service or replace your water heater
  • Install new fixtures in your sink or shower

Call Applewood today to schedule. We want our local Denver, Boulder and Longmont neighbors to be safe and happy with all areas of their home. 


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