September 28, 2017

Why Are My Light Switches Warm?

As you’re leaving the room, you go to the wall to turn off the lights. You notice that the switch is unusually warm to the touch. You’ve recently noticed the lights flickering or buzzing, too. If you’ve noticed any of these things, do not ignore them. These are signs of electrical issues in your home that could be a serious safety hazard and a cause for fire. 

Why are my light switches warm? 

There are several things that could cause warm light switches, including: 

The light switch is failing 

When light switches wear out over time, a small spark on the electrical contacts will be emitted whenever you turn the light off and on. It is important to regularly replace old light switches

The wiring is faulty 

The light switch will become hot if it was improperly wired. The light might still function due to wires that are slightly touching. However, the electricity will have to travel through a smaller path which creates heat. 

The switch is overloaded 

Light switches have a limit on how much power they can handle. There are different switches made for different levels of power. Your switch may become hot if it’s pulling too many amps. Many circuits are pulling 20 amps when most wall switches are only rated for 15. 

What are other signs of an electrical problem in my home?

If your light switches are unusually warm,  there’s a good chance you’ve noticed some other electrical issues in your home as well. Here are a few to look out for. 

  • Flickering lights could happen when the wiring doesn’t support the light bulb you’ve installed. 
  • Discoloring on outlet covers happens when the wiring to the outlet is failing.
  • Sparking at the outlet can indicate problems in the wiring behind the outlet.

If you are experiencing any of these issues in your home, it is crucial to get in touch with the professional electricians at Applewood right away. Wiring issues are one of the main causes of electrical fires. However, they can be easily prevented by being aware and getting an electrician in your home to solve the problem!

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