March 11, 2013

Spring is in the Air: Time to Inspect Your Air Filtration System

Spring is in the air, and a spring is in our step as we think about the end of the cold, dark winter months.

Good riddance! Now’s the time to get outside with family and friends and enjoy the outdoors as everything bursts back into life around us. Don’t you find that this time of year is the worst for your allergies, though? Running around in the sunshine is all well anSpring is the time to review your Denver air filtration system.d good, but it sure can make you sniffly and sneezy!

You might think it’ll be alright when you get inside, away from all that pollen, and that the air in your house will be much better! Well, that’s not always the case. If you’re one of the fifty million North Americans who suffer from allergies, you’ll know that when you get inside things don’t always improve. What’s worse, you spend a lot more time indoors than outside (in fact, on average, three quarters of your time is going to be spent indoors!). Well, we’ve got a few solutions you might like to consider for a happier springtime, and a year of better air quality!

First, we can come out and check your filtration system, this basic part of your home comfort system filters out the particles that cause you problems. If you have cheap, disposable filters, we can install better‐quality, or even special media, air filters for you. If you have a good filtration system, we can check to see if anything needs replacing.

The wrong kind of filter can cause your whole cooling system to under perform, and we can help you figure that out too. Depending on the circumstances, we might recommend a deep‐pleated media air filters, or an electronic air cleaner. Each has its best application, and each can effectively remove allergens and particulates from the air stream.

Another option is a UV light, which literally zaps the contaminants out of the air and helps keep your air conditioning coil clean as a bonus.

Basically, if you want to keep your allergy problems outdoors, give us a call. We’ll come over to do a full inspection to see where your system could be improved and help you fight the bugs, bacteria, and pollen. We’re here to help you improve your home comfort! We can put the spring back in your step, and keep it there all year round.

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