May 17, 2023

How to Prepare Your Air Conditioning for the Summer

Colorado summer months mean long, warm days in the sun. Is your air conditioner ready to handle the heat? On the first hot summer day the last thing you want to worry about is whether or not your AC will turn on, or if it will spike your electrical bill. Luckily, Applewood can help.

When an air conditioning unit sits unused for months, it requires annual maintenance to ensure proper operation and efficiency. To help you get ready, we’ve listed a few air conditioner tips that Applewood Plumbing Heating & Electric recommends to prepare for summer. Follow these best practices but have a professional do a systems check each year for optimum performance.

5 Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

There are two main components to an air conditioning system: the outdoor condensing unit and the interior evaporator unit, which is installed with a furnace or air handler. You’ll want to make sure both are doing their job properly. 

1. Inspect Your AC Unit

First, for safety, make sure that your AC is completely off before inspecting the unit. We recommend inspecting the unit for nests that birds, mice and other wildlife could have made during the winter months. These structures can cause damage and reduce efficiency.  

2. Clear Shrubbery

Clear tree branches and trim shrubs to clear space around the unit. This will ensure there is enough air flow for the condenser fan to operate properly.

3. Change Your Air Filter

The air filter has the important job of maintaining optimum air flow. A dirty air filter can restrict air flow and cause unnecessary energy waste that may cause the unit to fail. Changing air filters at least every month is a must!  

4. Power It Up

After checking things over, you can turn on your air conditioning and test the system’s controls to ensure that it powers on and off properly. Consider installing a programmable thermostat, which reduces energy waste by keeping your home cool when you need it most, and conserving energy while you’re away.

5. Fight Dry Air

Denver’s high elevation means the sun beats strong on the Mile High City! Though the hot summer is a nice change from the cold winters, the dry air can have a serious impact on your physical health causing: 

  • Chapped skin and lips
  • Allergies irritated by blowing pollen and dust 
  • Harder time breathing

One way to help manage these high altitude issues is with a whole-home humidifier. Using a humidifier in tandem with air conditioning can keep rooms cooler, allowing you to raise the temperature of the A/C and use less energy. A humidifier can make you feel cooler for longer periods of time, due to the hydrating nature of the affected air. Additionally, more hydration in the air keeps skin healthy and helps breathing during summer allergy season.

Schedule Your Colorado Air Conditioner Maintenance

Follow the above tips to keep your home cool when the heat hits and be sure to have a certified technician review and maintain your air conditioning and humidifier units annually. Regular maintenance will keep your system working longer and save you money on your cooling bills.

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