June 15, 2018

5 Tips for Reducing Air Leaks Plus Bonus Tip!

Keep temperatures consistent and save money by reducing the air leaks in your home. Stay warm in winter and cool in the summer with six simple prevention tips. We’ll show you how!

  • Weather stripping. Those slim barriers around your windows and doors wear out over time. Refresh with new door and window weather stripping that tightly closes any gaps.
  • Install backdraft dampers. Dampers allow air to flow in only one direction. Installing one on your dryer, kitchen or bathroom exhaust or other openings lets exhaust exit but keeps outside air from coming in.
  • Seal Vents. In addition to installing backdraft dampers, seal around all vents, ducts and exhausts on your home’s exterior. Use an exterior caulk to close any gaps you find.
  • Replace windows. We’ve all had those old, leaky windows in our homes. The ones that give you an icy chill as you walk past in winter. Is it time to upgrade your home with new windows that keep drafts out? Window replacement can add measurable value to your home.
  • Seal Plugs and Plumbing Studs. Seal gaps around light fixtures, outlets and plumbing connections where air from uncontrolled areas of your home (basement) can seep into comfy rooms.

Bonus Tip #6

Call Applewood plumbing. We’re experts at keeping the air, water and electricity in your home safe and comfortable. We’d be happy to identify areas where outside air is seeping into your Denver or Boulder home and seal them properly.

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