September 6, 2019

Applewood Awards $1,000 to Feel the Beat

Applewood awarded $1,000 as part of their monthly Caring Community Giveaway to Feel the Beat.

Have you ever wondered how someone who is deaf or hard of hearing could participate in a dance class? Luckily, Jari Majewski, Founder and President, and Julia Faliano, Co-Founder and Vice President, have made this possible through their non-profit, Feel the Beat (FTB). Feel the Beat is a dance studio located in Wheat Ridge, CO that has designed inclusive dance experiences to those who may be deaf, hard of hearing and/or have special needs. Though classes are catered to those who are hard of hearing, classes are open to anyone who would like to participate.

“Feel the Beat unites children in a positive, engaging, and meaningful way. We are doing more than teaching turns and leaps but instead teaching real world skills and building community. Our students gain empathy, communication strategies, ways to cope with emotions and more, all while having the time of their lives on the dance floor.” says Julia Faliano, Co- Founder of Feel the Beat.

FTB is able to provide classes because of their one of a kind vibrotactile dance floor which combines a pliable floor material and embedded transducers into one cohesive unit. When music is played on the dance floor, magic happens! Instead of hearing the music, students are able to feel the vibrations through the dance floor. Since this dance floor is the only one of its’ kind, Feel the Beat is looking to expand their reach nationally so that more people with hearing loss and/or special needs can participate in dance classes. FTB organizers stress that helping spread the word about their organization is a powerful contribution. Other ways to get involved include volunteering during classes, as a committee member, or with fundraising efforts.

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