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Making Resolutions for Breathable Air

February 6, 2012

Purifying the Air in Your Home

Read our air purifying tips.The good news is a winterized home is sealing out the wind and cold. The bad news is it may be sealing in common pollutants. In fact, research indicates that interior air may be more polluted than outdoor air, even in major cities. But with regular, simple maintenance and procedures, you can keep your indoor air fresh as the outdoors – actually, fresher! Here are some air purifying tips.

  1. Use exhaust fans in the kitchen and with the dryer. Gas appliances may emit carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide. Unvented gas stoves can release formaldehyde. Warning: A persistent yellow-tipped flame usually indicates pollutant emissions from stove burners and space heaters. Have the burner adjusted so the flame tip is blue.
  2. Don’t smoke indoors. If you smoke, go outdoors. It’ll clear the air of the smell and yellow dinge left by tobacco smoke, not to mention make your home environment more pleasant.
  3. Use exhaust fans in the bathroom. This helps prevent mold and mildew growth.
  4. Have central air conditioning and heating ducts inspected yearly. Ducts can be a breeding ground for contaminants and dust if they aren’t properly maintained. We recommend you change furnace filters at least every other month to increase the life and efficiency of your heater, and enjoy better air quality.
  5. Have plumbing inspected by a professional. Leaking water often means mold and mildew, not to mention waster water… and it can happen in so many places!
  6. Regularly clean the humidifier as it can become a breeding ground for bacteria.
  7. Use a dehumidifier in the basement if necessary. Also, clean and disinfect the basement floor drain regularly.
  8. Ventilate the attic and crawl spaces. You’ll help prevent moisture build-up.
  9. Don’t idle the car in the garage. It’s a major carbon monoxide producer.
  10. Have your home tested by a heating/cooling specialist every so often. Test for mold, carbon monoxide, radon and anything unique to your region or neighborhood. It’s a small price to pay and you’ll breathe a lot easier!
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