February 28, 2022


What’s better than a do-to list?

A “to-don’t” list!

To keep your HVAC system functioning, avoid certain behaviors and ensure that you don’t neglect proper maintenance. Winter might be fading away (for now) but spring and summer have their own challenges.

Protect your family’s health and keep your HVAC system in top shape by following our spring “to-don’t” list. A friendly Applewood technician is always nearby if you have questions about how to best care for your HVAC system during seasonal changes.

Don’t leave that dirty filter in your furnace

Okay, this is technically a to-do since it’s telling you to replace your filter, but neglecting your filter leads to dust in your ductwork, increased allergen levels, and a struggling blower. Replace your filter this spring and every month or two to avoid poor indoor air quality and the issues that come with it.

Don’t spring clean everything except your furnace room

If your furnace room also functions as storage space, this is a definite to-don’t. This spring, add the furnace room to your spring clean-up list so your equipment has the right amount of clearance for safe and efficient operation.

Don’t neglect a tune up

Neglecting your HVAC equipment is another habit to change this spring. Add this to the top of your to-don’t list for the season, and you’ll reap the benefits for the years added to your equipment’s lifespan. Even though we’re moving out of “heating season”, spring is a great time to address any possible issues your furnace may have developed while keeping you warm all winter. Proactively tuning-up your air conditioner during this colder season will prepare you for the sweltering heat before it becomes a problem.

Don’t ignore your ventilation

Ventilation is critical regardless of the season. If you have allergies that act up in the spring, it may be tempting to shut all the windows and recirculate your indoor air to avoid outdoor allergens. That’s not the solution. A robust ventilation system gives you the benefit of outdoor air without exposure to allergens from outside. Ensure that your exhaust systems work, and consider a heat recovery ventilation system with high efficiency filters to get the benefit of outdoor air without the allergens.

Don’t leave your thermostat turned up

As the temperature outside rises, you might take this opportunity to experience an early spring indoors. However, this wastes energy and is unnecessary for you to maintain indoor comfort levels. If you have a programmable thermostat, lower your setpoints as the weather improves, or do it manually as needed.

Your Seasonal Denver, Boulder and Longmont HVAC Experts

The transition period between seasons is the perfect time to clean and tune up your system. If you need help with any of these to-don’t items (and a better to-do list), give us a call and we can help you get the most out of your HVAC system this spring.

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